I had the distinct opportunity of receiving one of the first Yuneec Typhoon G Quad Copters in the USA. By coincidence I happened to be traveling to Boulder, CO and had it shipped to my destination, so this was three firsts for me:

1) Testing Yuneec’s latest photographic drone;

2) Flying a copter that is not using a proprietary camera and instead is using GoPro Hero 4.

3) Flying at 5,500 feet.

No, I wasn’t actually flying at 5,500 feet, in fact, since this is an early release model, I don’t think I flew it more than 200′ AGL (above ground level).

This video goes into the basic difference of this model as compared with Yuneec’s Q500 4K as well as includes various scenic, mountain-background videos.

Update: After spending some time with this copter, I put together a video that provides a comparison of the Typhoon G and the Typhoon Q500 4K and provided my recommendations: